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Waste Glass Bottle Recycling Cumbria

Derwent Recycling Services can collect waste glass and glass bottles from pubs, inns, resturants, hotels and offices throught Cumbria.

Does your business produce large quantities of waste glass or waste glass bottles? Derwent Recycling Services can provide you with waste glass containers to store, collect and recycle your waste glass bottles.

Derwent Recycling Services takes the hassle out of waste glass bottle storage, collection and recycling. Our service is built around your individual needs, so we’ll supply the containers that maximise space efficiency – from small to large wheelie bins. We also arrange scheduled or one-off collections at times to suit you.

Glass Bottle Collection & Recycling Service:

  • We collect mixed colour glass bottles (i.e. mixed in colour - green, brown and clear), so there is no need for separate bins.
  • We can offer a range of different sized wheelie bins - 240 litre, 360 litre and 1100 litre capacities.
  • Special lockable bins can also be provided if the bins are to be stored outside and security is of a concern.
  • Daily collections are available for hotels, pubs, restaurants and other high volume producers.

What happens to your waste glass bottles?

The waste glass bottles are crushed and sent on to a glass reprocessor in Scotland where the bottles are re-crushed into a consistent glass cullet, removing paper and metal contaminants. This cullet is then used in the manufacture of new glass bottles. Some low-grade material will be given a new life as aggregates and insulation products.


glass recycling

(top) Bay containing glass bottle waste ready to be transported to a UK reprocessor.
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Commingled Recycling - Glass, Plastic and Metal all in one bin!

Commingled (mixed) recycling allows you to place all your glass bottles, cans, tins and plastic bottles into one designated recycle bin.

We will collect your waste on a scheduled basis from the mixed recycling bin and seperate the waste materials using our on-site Materials Recycling Facility (MRF).

Commingled Recycling is beneficial where space is limited - having fewer recycling containers on-site and co-mingling the recyclables can save valuable space.

Commingled recycling is particularly suited to restaurants, offices and commercial premises.

A wide range of containers are available from a sack to a 1100ltr bin.

Using a company such as Derwent Recycling Services to deal with your waste glass bottles,
will ensure that you save money on waste disposal costs, maximise your recycling performance and increase your business efficiency.

Commingled Sorting Line

What is the Next Step?

Derwent Recycling Services can help with all waste glass recycling and waste glass collection service requirements in Cumbria. For a free no-obligation quotation and site survey, please contact us by telephone: 01900 873789, or complete our online enquiry form.

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