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Industrial Waste Collection Services | Commercial Waste Collection Cumbria

Derwent Recycling Services Ltd provide a complete industrial & commercial waste management service throughout Cumbria, from small one-off collections to large scale regular contracts. Through our waste collection service you can be certain of meeting your legal requirement to make proper arrangements for waste management.

Every business needs professional, environmentally sound waste management services, in line with the latest legal obligations.

Across Cumbria, businesses large and small work with us to safely dispose of their waste.

With Derwent Recycling Services you can be sure your waste will be handled responsibly, efficiently and in accordance with all current legislative requirements.

Waste Collection - Legal Compliance

All businesses who produce waste are subject to strict legislation.

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 imposes a Duty of Care on producers of controlled waste, requiring them to take all reasonable steps to keep waste safe and ensure it is properly managed. The Duty of Care applies to anyone who "produces or imports, keeps or stores, transports, treats or disposes of waste".

This legal requirement ensures that all waste producers follow the correct procedures for the containment, collection and disposal of waste. Under the Act, a transfer note describing the waste must be produced for every waste transfer. Under the UK Environmental Protection Act 1990, all businesses are required to dispose of their waste properly.

Derwent Recycling Services Ltd are waste carrier licensed by the Environmental Agency and therefore we ensure that all waste items are disposed of legally and that items are recycled or reused wherever possible. We will ensure that your business complies with the law and provide you with complete peace of mind.

Regular Waste Collections

Derwent Recycling Services takes the hassle out of industrial and commercial waste storage, collection and recycling. Our service is built around your individual needs, so whatever the type or volume of waste your business produces, we’ll supply the containers to match your requirements – from wheelie bins, skips to large waste compactors. We also arrange scheduled or one-off collections at times to suit you.

Several Options are available:

  • Wheelie bins are available in a variety of sizes from 120ltr to 1100ltr - these are a popular option for collecting a variery of light, compactable wastes and where space or access can be an issue.
  • Skips and roll on/off bins are available in a variety of sizes from 2 cubic yard to 35 cubic yard- these are used by large and small waste producers who need to dispose of heavy and bulky wastes.
  • Waste Compactors - For businesses producing larger volumes of waste, we can reduce the number of collections by using compaction and baling equipment. We can then achieve maximum payloads for every container, dramatically reducing unnecessary journeys and waste transportation costs.

Using a company such as Derwent Recycling Services to collect your industrial and commercial waste, will ensure that you save money on waste disposal and landfill costs and that your waste will be handled responsibly, efficiently and in accordance with all current legislative requirements.

What happens to your industrial and commercial waste?

Your industrial and commercial waste is collected and unloaded into our own on-site Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). The waste materials are inspected and as much recyclable waste as possible is separated. Between 80-90% of all waste collected is recycled. The remaining waste is sent to landfill.

commercial waste

Industrial & Commercial Waste Compactor Bins, including Static, Portable and Rotating Waste Compactors and Vertical Balers



What is the Next Step?

Derwent Recycling Services can help with all industrial easte collection and commercial waste collection service requirements in Cumbria. For a free no-obligation quotation and site survey, please contact us by telephone: 01900 873789, or complete our online enquiry form.

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