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Paper Recycling Cumbria | Cardboard Recycling Cumbria

Derwent Recycling Services offer the following paper and cardboard recycling services:


Secure Document Shredding

Derwent Recycling Services offer a secure document shredding service throughout Cumbria. We can help you to protect your company from security threats and compliance failure.

Why shred your documents?

  • Security - In every business, confidential documents are generated by almost every employee, from payroll information to employee medical records. Many documents contain private information that could be a security risk in the wrong hands.
  • Compliance - Document destruction compliance is now a legal requirement. All private information contained in documents must be destroyed in a way that ensures it cannot be recreated. Secure shredding is the most effective and preferred method.
  • Identity Theft Prevention - Identity theft has already grown to become one of the most costly security risks that businesses now face. It’s a threat which can quickly destroy business reputation and security. 
  • Save Time & Money - Even if you currently handle you shredding in-house, cost savings can be made by outsourcing your document destruction to Derwent Recycling. Time is money. When document shredding in-house, employees have to set aside valuable work hours to separate paper, remove paper clips, staples and actually carry out the shredding – time which could be better spent. Derwent Recycling Services can do the same task in minutes with no disruption to your business.

Using a company such as Derwent Recycling Services who deal with confidential document shredding, will ensure that you never have to worry about your confidential documents again, so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.


Solution Description Capacity

Security Sacks

security sacks

Interwoven polypropylene Bags. Biodegradable and come with a security tag.

We can provided any number of bags to you complete with security tags for each one. You fill them at your leisure and contact us when you want them collected.  This is the perfect service if you are a small business in need of an irregular service with no commitments.  Perhaps you’re having an office clear out or you’re moving offices and you want to ensure that your unwanted documentation does not fall into the wrong hands.

20 Kg


Locked Wheelie Bins

lockable wheelie bins

The wheelie bin has a secure locking lid and narrow paper slot to prevent unauthorised access to the bin contents. Paper can be placed through the slot or the lid can be unlocked to place bags of paper inside.

We can be the only key holder or you can allocate key holders on your premises.

This is the ideal service if your business has an ongoing need for collection and disposal of unwanted and confidential documentation.

120 Litre


How it works.

  1. We provide the right secure storage solutions for your business, including polypropylene security sacks and lockable wheelie bins into which your staff can deposit redundant paper documents.
  2. Derwent Recycling Services will arrive at a pre-arranged date to collect your sacks and wheelie bins and replace them with empty ones. Your containers will remain locked and unopened until they are returned to our site.
  3. Volumes and quantities of sacks or bins are noted on the Waste Transfer Note.
  4. A designated person will be asked to sign the Waste Transfer Note on behalf of your company and they will receive a copy for your records.
  5. Your documents are safely and securely transported to our site.
  6. On return to our site, your documents are weighed  and unloaded into a secure area. All confidential documents are then shredded and baled prior to recycling.
  7. A viewing area is available for clients who wish to see the documents being destroyed. Photo and Video evidence can also be provided for clients piece of mind.
  8. A Certificate of Destruction can be issued upon client request.


Office Paper Recycling

All normal types of office waste paper are suitable for recycling, including company letterheads, printer paper, envelopes, brochures, newspapers and magazines.

Derwent Recycling Services goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to manage every aspect of your waste paper storage, collection and recycling. As well as providing a wide range of containers, from 20 litre desk side containers to 1100 litre wheelie bins, we arrange scheduled or one-off collections to suit you. So our entire office waste paper recycling service is tailored to your individual needs.

Recycling your office waste paper will help improve your businesses environmental performance, save you money by avoiding landfill disposal, reduce clutter and improve the amount of office space available.

What happens to your paper?

  1. We will arrive at a pre-arranged date to collect your office waste paper.
  2. Volumes and quantities of bins are noted on the Waste Transfer Note.
  3. A designated person will be asked to sign the Waste Transfer Note on behalf of your company and they will receive a copy for your records.
  4. Your office waste paper is then transported to our site.
  5. On return to our site, your paper is weighed and unloaded.
  6. Balers are then used to compress the waste paper into dense bales.
  7. The paper bales are then sent on to a UK paper mill, where it is recycled into tissue grade paper such as kitchen roll and toilet paper.
(top) 20 litre desk side container
(bottom) Office paper bales ready for transportation to UK paper mills.

Printers Waste Paper Recycling

Derwent Recycling Services take care of commercial printer’s waste paper recycling across Cumbria and the surrounding areas.

We can provide wheelie bins in varying sizes from 240-1100 litre capacity to 25 yard skips for all your mixed printer’s waste paper.

We provide a free waste audit to measure the types and amount of waste produced and Identify the costs of the current disposal methods, including treatment, handling, storage and transport. 

We offer a collection service to suit your requirements ranging from daily, weekly, fortnightly or to one-off small collections. Being a family run business with long serving staff, we are able to offer clients a personal service tailored to their individual needs.

Using a company such as Derwent Recycling Services to deal with your printer's waste paper, will ensure that you save money on waste disposal costs, maximise your recycling performance and increase your business efficiency.

(top) A bale of printers waste paper
(bottom) Waste paper bales being loaded for transport to UK paper mills


Cardboard Recycling

Derwent Recycling Services recycle all grades and sizes of cardboard throughout Cumbria.

From the storage and collection of your cardboard waste to recycling, Derwent Recycling Services manages the complete process. Our service is built around your individual needs, so we’ll supply the containers that are right for you - and arrange scheduled or one-off collections to meet your exact requirements.

Several Options are available:

  • We are able to provide 1100 litre capacity wheelie bins if you only produce small quantities of cardboard waste
  • For large quantities of cardboard waste we are able to install small or large (40-600 Kg) balers on your premises to reduce the volume of your cardboard waste leaving you with more space and reducing fire risks.
  • We are also able to supply upto 35 cubic yard roll on off containers both open top or enclosed for large cardboard packaging users, as well as a wide range of compactors and bailing equipment.
  • All cardboard collected is recycled and baled within our own on site modern baling facility.
  • We usually have a stock of around 50 machines ready for hire or sale. 

What happens to your cardboard?

The cardboard is baled and sent on to paper mills in the UK, China and Indonesia, where it is recycled back into packaging materials and cardboard.


(top)Cardboard being loaded onto baler within our own on-site Materials Recycling Facility (MRF).
(bottom) Cardboard being pressed into bales.


(top) 35 cubic yard container
(Middle) Cardboard Baler
(bottom) Mill Size Baler


What is the Next Step?

Derwent Recycling Services can help with all your paper & cardboard recycling and secure document shredding requirements. For a free no-obligation quotation and site survey, please contact us by telephone: 01900 873789, or complete our online enquiry form.

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